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These elegantly designed twist action pens are crafted of brass and coated with a glossy enamel finish.

These pens are of high quality and are inserted in a velvet pouch, or in a plastic wrap.

They feature gold tone accessories and a selection of metallic gold ink designs and matching "messages from the heart".

We also offer designs for all 50 USA states - the state map followed by the state name (see below).

Select your design from the list or, in the case of the states, if the state is not shown below, include the state name in your order.

brass pens

NOTE: Designs, styles and/or colors, and prices may change without notice. Please call our plant for design & style availability at the telephone number at the bottom of this page.
Absolute minimum order is 100 pieces per design, at $5.07 each, plus $50.00 set-up charge.
For wholesale prices, click here.

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  • Pen color: Black
  • Writing Ink: black only
  • Size 1/2" x 5-3/8"
  • For refill replacement - you may use CROSS-type refills which are available at any stationary store.

Gold Tone Messages Available:
Design # MessageDesign #Message
67 I Love You
101 Congratulations
68 Te Amo
102 Felicitaciónes
69 Happy Birthday
107 You Are A winner
75 Love Starts with You
72 Thank you
76 El Amor Empieza Contigo!
73 Gracias
70 Feliz Cumpleaños
74 Success Begins with you
93 I Love you, Mother
55 Merry Christmas
94 Te Amo, Mamá
71 Feliz Navidad
95 I Love you, Dad
57 Happy Holidays
96 Te Amo, Papá
103 Happy New Year
97 I Love you, Grandma
104 Feliz Año
99 I Love you, Grandpa
105 Happy Anniversary
   106 Feliz Aniversario
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Samples of State and Country Designs Available:
All Fifty States are Available - Specify State if not shown.
Design # Country/StateDesign # State
1(Eagle) America
4(Map) Pennsylvania
58(Eagle) USA
5(Map) California
65(Map) USA
86(Sailboat) California
6(Map) Florida
85 (Sailboat) Florida
64(Map) Mexico
113(Flamingo) Florida
8(Map) New York
10(Map) Texas
83(Sailboat) New York
87(Sailboat) Texas
7(Map) Illinois
11(Map) Ohio
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Your organization can order these lovely pens with a customized message - absolute minimum order 100 pens. Follow this link to see how.

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