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Requirements to prepare and/ or to e-mail your artwork to us.
We would like to help you to submit your artwork as smoothly as possible in order to process your order effectively and quickly. To do this, please use any of the following professional programs for PC: CorelDraw 9, Freehand, or Adobe Illustrator. As you prepare your artwork, logo, text, or images, save it in black and white in vector basis with a resolution of 300+ dpi (dots per inch). Remember that you need to convert your fonts to curves, paths or outlines. Once you have it ready, please send it to us both in EPS and in pdf files in order to confirm it.
If you are sending text only, in a standard font, please give us the name of the font. If we do not have the exact font you send us, we will try to match your font as close as possible.

If you scan your artwork/ logo and send it to us in jpg, pdf, doc etc. files, it will not be appropriate to imprint your products. As a result, we will have to re-draw it at an additional cost (see charges below) in order to fit it to our standard format and to make it work right for you.

Please mail black and white camera ready artwork to size 300+ dpi (dots per inch). (No halftone artwork) to our following address: Our complete business address.

If your logo has more than one color, please provide black and white camera ready color separated artwork to size.

To enlarge, reduce, touch-up, fix, typeset; or if you need us to prepare your artwork, please add $65.00/ hour. One hour minimum charge.

If requested, by email or fax, please add to your order the appropriate amount shown in the product page, or call for the actual cost. Any author's alterations made after the proof has been emailed/ sent to you, will be billed at our current hourly rate, as shown above.

As you e-mail your artwork, also please fax a copy of it to: 410-661-5581 in order to confirm it.

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