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Custom Printed Wall Calendars-Display page

For 2022 - 13 Months (December to December)
To Select your calendar from the 'Wall Calendar Display Page', click here , or
To see the Picture for each Wall Calendar, click on each item number shown in the price list below

Welcome! We are here to help you put together your custom printed wall calendars event with great ideas like customized landscape calendars; puppies & kittens calendars; the saturday evening post calendars; glorious getaway calendars; and muscle thunder cars wall calendars printed with your logo, photo, business name and or advertising message, product promotion, anniversaries and grand openings are the best promotional calendars you can find in the market.
Complete Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Promotional AMERICA Wall Calendars #7269

Here are over 80 of the best seller and less expensive calendars, wallet calendar cards, and pocket planners in the market this year. Order your's now while the prices are low and they are available.

SEE all calendars, click here.
 custom imprinted, promotional, customized, personalized, golf, gardens,
 printed, norman rockwell,dining, healthy living, homes, inspiration, advertising calendars

Desk Pad Calendars | Laminated Business Cards; Wallet Cards-Calendars | Monthly Planners | Pocket Planners

Please order your calendars, and pocket planners early in the year by September 15th,
because at the low prices we offer, they will go very fast!

Do you need wall calendars for any of the USA states or Puerto Rico, Canada, Mexico or Italy printed with your logo/photo/sale message?
Necesita Calendarios en Español impresos con el nombre de su negocio, logo, productos, o servicios? haga un click aquí
o en esta pagina #'s 7011, 7087, 7288, o 7093

Ocean Glory Wall Calendars #7217

Printed with your logo or message at the bottom part of the last page, or in the window area for the window calendars (see price list for the item # you desire)
Imprint area: 9" x 1 1/4" (for spiral and staple calendars). 5 1/2" x 1 1/4" (for window calendar)
Sizes: Spiral & stapled Calendar: 11"w x 10"h closed; 11"w x 19"h open.
Window Calendar: 11"w x 8 1/2"h closed; 11"w x 17"h open.
Paper Stock: Gloss.
Covers: UV Coated.

IF YOU NEED YOUR CALENDARS BEFORE NOVEMBER 1ST for early distribution to your customers, and want to get the disign/style you desire, PLEASE PLACE YOUR COMPLETE ORDER BEFORE SEPTEMBER 1ST.

Also, due to the high volume of calendar orders we receive during this period of the year, orders may take 4-6 weeks to process, manufacture and ship from our plant. In addition, calendar orders placed after October 2nd need to have an alternative/substitute item number (calendar) and description of the item (calendar) in the event our plant runs out of stock (or sold out) of one of your selected calendars at the time your order reaches the printing press. To to select the wall calendar you desire see the price chart mentioned below.

The Saturday Evening Post Wall Calendars #7009

Rush Services available on request for wall calendars only!: Rush Service fee will be 20% of the price of the wall calendar selected. Rush orders will be shipped from our plant. Please call at the telephone below to inquire.

Stapled, Spiraled and Window Wall Calendars
5% OFF of orders placed before June 1st

To see the Picture for each Wall Calendar, click on each item number in the price list below

Click on each Item # (in the price chart below) to see the large picture of the calendar design you desire and it's 12-month pages.
For minimum qantities of 150 calendars: Stapled Calendars $1.80 each. Spiral or Window Calendars $1.89 each.
The price for the custom imprinted window calendars is the same as the spiral calendars. (Click here to see a sample of the "window" calendar).
Item #
(Click Item # below to
see the calendar large picture)
Prices shown below are for Qty. of 300 wall calendars.
(For quantitiy under 300, see price above). For prices above 300 units, call: 410-661-6260

Price each for 2022 wall calendars imprinted in one standard color.

For 2-4 colors, or full color imprint logo/text/photo, add $0.10 per calendar. All colors will be created out of 4-color process.
NOTE: Please place your order early (before September 15th) so that you can get the best price and your desired calendar design on time.
7001 Landscape of America - Spiral. $1.69
7201 Landscape of America - Stapled.$1.60
7501 Landscape of America - Window.$1.69
7003Wild Life Trek - Spiral.$1.69
7203Wild Life Trek - Stapled.$1.60
7103The Power of Nature - Spiral.$1.69
7303The Power of Nature - Stapled.$1.60
7005Muscle Thunder - Spiral.$1.69
7205Muscle Thunder - Stapled.$1.60
7505Muscle Thunder - Window.br><$1.69
7007 Puppies & Kittens - Spiral.$1.69
7207 Puppies & Kittens - Stapled.$1.60
7507 Puppies & Kittens - Window.
7009The Saturday Evening Post - Spiral.$1.69
7209The Saturday Evening Post - Stapled.$1.60
7012American Armed Forces - Spiral.$1.69
7212American Armed Forces - Staple.$1.60
7013Laughing It Up! - Spiral.$1.69
7213Laughing It Up! - Stapled.$1.60
7215Faithful Followers - Stapled.$1.60
7017Ocean Glory - Spiral.$1.69
7217Ocean Glory - Stapled.$1.60
7019God's Gift - Spiral.
(12-Month calendar with funeral pre-planning form. Beginning Jan. 2021).
7059 God's Gift - Spiral.
(13-Month calendar. Beginning DEC. 2015).
7020Baby Farm Animals - Spiral. $1.69
7220Baby Farm Animals - Stapled. $1.60
7021 Eternal Word - Spiral.
(12-Month calendar with funeral pre-planning form. Beginning Jan. 2020).
7023 Eternal Word - Spiral.
(13-Month calendar. Beginning DEC. 2020).
7025 Glorious Getaways - Spiral.$1.69
7225Glorious Getaways - Stapled.$1.60
7525Glorious Getaways - Window.$1.69
7225Glorious Getaways - Stapled.$1.60
7028Motivations - Spiral. $1.69
7228Motivations - Stapled. $1.60
7029Golf (Fairways & Greens) - Spiral.$1.69
7229Golf (Fairways & Greens) - Stapled.$1.60
7033Monkey Mischief - Spiral.$1.69
7233Monkey Mischief - Stapled.$1.60
7037Treasured Trucks - Spiral.$1.69
7237Treasured Trucks - Stapled. $1.60
7039 Norman Rockwell - Illustrations - Spiral.$1.69
7239 Norman Rockwell - Illustrations - Stapled.$1.60
7539 Norman Rockwell - Illustrations - Window.$1.69
7044Goingreen - Spiral.$1.69
7244Goingreen - Stapled.$1.60
7045Scenic Churches - Spiral.$1.69
7245Scenic Churches - Stapled.$1.60
7047 Agriculture - Spiral.$1.69
7247 Agriculture - Stapled.$1.60
7049 Welcome Home - Spiral. $1.69
7249 Welcome Home - Stapled.$1.60
7549 Welcome Home - Window.$1.69
7051 Jewish Life - Spiral. $1.69
7251 Jewish Life - Stapled. $1.60
7103 The Power of Nature - Stapled.$1.60
7303 The Power of Nature - Spiral. $1.69
7053 Everlasting Word - Spiral.
(12-Month calendar with funeral pre-planning form. Beginning Jan. 2018).
7055 Everlasting Word - Spiral.
(13-Month calendar. Beginning DEC 2017).
7057 Antique Autos - Spiral.$1.69
7257 Antique Autos - Stapled.$1.60
7063 Wild Life Portraits - Spiral.$1.69
7263 Wild Life Portraits - Stapled.$1.60
7563 Wild Life Portraits - Window. $1.69
7069 Celebrate America - Spiral.$1.69
7269 Celebrate America - Stapled.$1.60
7569 Celebrate America - Window.$1.69
7071Western Frontier - Spiral.$1.69
7271 Western Frontier - Stapled.$1.60
7073 Healthy Living - Spiral. $1.69
7273 Healthy Living - Stapled.$1.60
7573 Healthy Living - Window.$1.69
7077 Garden Walk - Spiral. $1.69
7277 Garden Walk - Stapled. $1.60
7577 Garden Walk - Window. $1.69
7079 Inspirations for Life - Spiral.$1.69
7279 Inspirations for Life - Stapled. $1.60
7081 Exotic sports cars - Spiral. $1.69
7281 Exotic sports cars - Stapled. $1.60
7083 Street Rods - Spiral. $1.69
7283 Street Rods - Stapled. $1.60
7087Mexico - Spiral. $1.69
7287Mexico - Stapled. $1.60
(Meses & días en Español)
Regalo de Dios - Spiral.
(13-Month calendar. Beginning DEC. 2020).
$1.69 (Months & days in Spanish)
7099 Fishing - Spiral. $1.69
7299 Fishing - Stapled. $1.60
7288 Latinoamerica en Paisajes - Stapled. $1.60
7289 Puerto Rico - Stapled. $1.60
7302 Canadian Scenic - Stapled. $1.60
7502 Canadian Scenic - Window. $1.69
Pocket Planners Pocket Planner See product search for prices & quantities
ARPLC-14P Plastic Wallet Calendars & Cards. as low as $0.18 each
2104L-Laminated Wallet Calendars & Cards. as low as $0.11 each
Proof If requested, add $12.00 for email/fax proof of your logo, text, or both. Any author's alterations made after the proof has been sent to you, click here for artwork modification/ preparation.
To place your order, click here.
Price of each calendar includes one standard color Imprint.
Additional charges: Typesetting in our standard fonts, click here.
Change of copy: $25.00 each.
Set-up (Screen/ Plate) Charge: $20.00.
Other items available:
Plain Envelopes: bulk $0.16 each; inserted $0.25 each.
Gift Envelopes: bulk: $0.17 each; inserted $0.28 each.
Poly Bags, calendars inserted $0.25 each.
Chipboard Protector: $0.11 each.
Please Note: All prices, quantities, designs and/ or colors are subject to change without notice.
CUSTOM ARTWORK: Please provide ready artwork in vector format 300+ dpi and email it to us in: .eps, .ai, or .pdf files. To email your artwork to us, click here.
If you need TYPESETTING ONLY, we'll use our standard font (Ex.: Arial, Arial Narrow, Times New Romans, Futura Bk, Futura Hv), or if you give it to us, we'll try to match it as close as we can. To find & to add the cost for typesetting, click here.
Requirements to prepare, and/ or to e-mail artwork to us, click here.
Customized LANDSCAPE of AMERICA Wall Calendars #7201
Great Advertising Ideas:
• Mail as an announcement or invitation.
• Great gifts for the holiday season.
• Calendars live up any promotion or event.

Add $25.00 set-up charge,

4-Color Process imprint available. See the price chart above.
Sharp image photos, digital artwork must be provided with order.

Pantone color match (PMS):
Add $30.00 per color, plus a wash-up charge of $24.00. Exact color match can not be guaranteed.

Calendar size: See above.

Imprint area: See above.

Custom logo or artwork:
Provide black and white camera ready color artwork to size (see imprint area above. No halftone artwork). Or if you need artwork preparation, or to e-mail it to us, please go to the following link:
Requirements to prepare and/ or to e-mail artwork to us, click here.

Packaging and weight:
Bulk, approximate 24 Lbs./100 calendars.

FOB factory. We will use our discretion as to the best method to be used. Please call us for approximate freight charges when ordering.

Drop Shipments: Shipments to multiple locations, all occurring at the same time : $15.00 for each item going to each location. (includes Canada). $25.00 per item for international.

Production time:
From receipt of complete order and approved artwork, please allow approximately 15 - 20 working days production time in the plant on custom or imprinted merchandise, unless otherwise noted. Purchasing orders placed after September 22nd, please see note above.

Overruns/ underruns:
We reserve the right to ship and bill 5% over or under the ordered amount on custom imprinted merchandise.

Order NOW and save time and money!
To place your order, click here. Then follow the instructions in the order form, or call us at the phone number at the bottom of this page to place your order. Remember. Customer satisfaction and high quality service to our customers is our primary goal.

For your convenience, we accept Visa, Master Card, and American Express credit cards.
Customized Puppies and Kittens Wall Calendars #7007   
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