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Custom Imprinted Round Buttons.

Quantity/Price Per Button
Item. No.Description/Pin Style1252505001,0002,5005,00010,000Wt./M
1002001" Round, Lock1.10$0.580.380.320.280.250.225 Lbs.
100500 1 1/4" Round, Safety1.100.60$0.380. Lbs.
100800 1 1/2" Round, Safety$1.100.60$0.380. Lbs.
101100 1 3/4" Round, Safety$1.140.63$0.410. Lbs.
101400 2 1/4" Round, Safety$1.200.62$0.400. Lbs.
101500 2 1/2" Round, Safety$1.340.70$0.480.310.290.270.2232 Lbs.
101600 3" Round, Safety$1.370.77$0.570.360.310.280.2548 Lbs.
101700 3 1/2" Round, Safety$1.400.92$0.720.460.410.390.3270 Lbs.
101800 4" Round, Safety$1.781.26$0.880.750.730.720.6490 Lbs.
101900 6" Round, Safety$2.882.04$1.821. Lbs.
---- Each Additional Color$0.440.20$
902540Consecutive Numbering in Black$0.600.36$
NOTE: All prices, quantities, sizes, brand name, and/ or colors are subject to change without notice.
Prices Includes One Color Imprint
(See chart above for additional color imprint)
Requirements to prepare and/ or to e-mail artwork to us, click here.
Set up charge for additional color: $40.00 per color, plus the additional color charge (see price chart).
Green Streak 3 Day Service: The day we receive your complete order and approved ready to imprint artwork does not count for scheduling purposes.
Order will be shipped 5 days after receipt of "complete" order. For example, an order received on Monday will be shipped on Friday.
Complete order includes item, color, quantity, imprint instructions, shipping information and any special instructions required to complete the order.
Artwork must be camera ready.
Standard set ups apply.
Fax or e-mail proofs not available on Green Streak orders.
We recommend calling factory prior to placing your order to confirm availability.
Quantities limited to 2,500 pieces.
Add 35% to normal cost of product.
For Bumper Stickers, click here.

Custom Imprinted Round Buttons
Great Advertising Ideas:
Here's a great opportunity to identify with the winner in your community.
Bright, bold imprinted messages help promote team spirit for schools and boosts groups.

Imprint Colors:
Black, White, Red, Light. Blue, Medium Blue, Dark Blue, Dark Green, Brown, Purple, Yellow, Teal, Orange, Maroon, Gold, or Silver.

Additional Color Imprint:See price chart.

Custom Logo or Artwork:
Provide black and white camera ready color artwork to size (as imprint area specified above). (No halftone artwork). If artwork preparation is needed, go to the following link:
Requirements to prepare and/ or to e-mail artwork to us, click here.

Packaging: Bulk.

Production Time:
From receipt of complete order and approved artwork, please allow approx.13-14 working days production time in the plant on custom or imprinted merchandise, unless otherwise noted.

Overruns/ Underruns:
We reserve the right to ship and bill 5% over or under the ordered amount on custom imprinted merchandise.

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Remember. Customer satisfaction and high quality service to our customers is our main goal.

For your convenience, we accept Master card, Visa, American Express and Discover credit cards.

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