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Welcome! We are here to serve you and to help you put together your Custom Printed Desk Pad Calendars event with the preprinted desk pads, the Economy desk pads, and the Small desk pad calendars printed with your logo, business name and or advertising message, team and or school name; wedding celebrations, product promotion, anniversaries, employee schedules and grand openings with the best promotional desk pads you can find in the market.
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Custom Preprinted Desk Pad Calendars

2022  -  12 Month Desk Calendars

desk pad calendars #B900     desk pad calendars #B881

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NOTE: The Desk Pad Calendars shown here are representative random samples only. In your order, please indicate the calendar year and style you desire, and we will imprint it along with
your logo/ and or text you provide to us.

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We also customize Freestyle Pads/Calendars, #B841 in 25 sheets per pad; #B842 in 40 sheets per pad; and #B840 in 50 sheets per pad imprinted with one of our standard colors. Please call for quotation & availability. For styles/designs available, chick here.
Quantity/ Price per Desk Pad Calendar includes 1 or 2 standard colors. Colors are printed in process. (see colors here)
Item #Description100 250500 750
B900 12 Month Desk Pad Calendar. January - December.
(the layout for this calendar #B900 has lines thru the date blocks - see enlarged picture here).
Calendar color: See calendar images.
Product size: 21-3/4" x 16-3/4".
Standard Stock: 60 lb. Titanium Bright white Paper.
Imprint area: Top: 20-3/4" x 3-1/4".
To select your imprint color(s) (Colors are printed in process): Click here.
Two bottom corners: For choice, see list below.
Mailer: See price below.
Requirements to prepare or to e-mail artwork to us, click here.
B881 12 Month Desk Pad Calendar & Gray Grid. January - December.
Calendar color: See calendar images
Product size: 21" x 16-3/4".
Standard Stock: 60 lb. Titanium Bright White Paper.
Imprint area: Top: 20-3/4" x 3-3/4".
To select your imprint color(s)(Colors are printed in process): Click here.
Two bottom corners: To choose, see list below.
Mailer: See price below.
Requirements to prepare or to e-mail artwork to us, click here.
Less than minimum Qty.(when available) $82.00 plus cost of item.
Set-up charge: Add $30.00
Heavy Ink Coverage: Add 15% to unit price when ink coverage is over 50% of the sheet
For 4-color process imprint (minimum 1,000 Qty.) contact us at the telephone number at the bottom of this page.
Drilled holes for wall hanging: $0.09 each.
Envelopes: Bulk $1.25 each
Envelopes: Inserted: $1.95 each.
Mailers: Bulk $2.00 each
Mailers: Inserted $4.00 each
Shrinkwrapping: 1-2 pads per package $0.45 per pad
13th Sheet available: December of current year to December of the following year (Ex. December 20XX-December 20YY). Add $0.34 per desk pad calendar.
NOTE: All prices, quantities, sizes, designs, and/ or colors are subject to change without notice.
Place your order NOW, click here.
Random sample: $15.50 each. Shipping cost will be additional (cost of item refundable on your complete order).
ARTWORK: Please provide ready artwork in vector format 300+ dpi and email it to us in: .eps, .ai, .pdf files. To email your artwork to us, click here.

If you need TYPESETTING ONLY, we'll use our standard font (Ex.: Arial, Arial Narrow, Times New Romans, Futura Bk, Futura Hv), or if you give it to us, we'll try to match it as close as we can. To find & to add the cost for typesetting, click here.
Proof: Email: $28.00 for email/fax proof of your logo, text, or both. Any author's alterations made after the proof has been sent to you, click here for artwork modification/ preparation/additional charges.
Reproofs: $28.00
Choice of: Premium Leatherette corners: black, Navy Blue, Burgundy, Dark Green, or Red, or click here to select color.
Please specify color on purchasing order or standard black corners will be used.
Standard Imprint colors: Choose from our standard 4-color process: Black, Blue (293), Burgundy (201), Green (347), Orange (021), Red (185), & Reflex Blue; or click here to select color(s). Please specify color information on your purchasing order.

Artwork charges, requirements to prepare and/ or to e-mail your artwork to us, click here.
NOTE: If the artwork you submit to us needs to be redrawn, fixed, or typesetting, please click here.

Phantom imprint: No charge.

Printed Desk Pad Calendar Designs

Great Advertising Ideas
Desk Pad Calendars compliment any promotion or event.
To enlighten business meetings.

FOB plant. We will use our discretion as to the best method to be used.

Drop Shipment:
Drop shipments not in increments of catalog minimum, add $10.00 per drop ship location.
Custom Boxing: $10.00 per box.

Type of Packaging: bulk, unless otherwise specified.

Production Time:
Normally 20 - 25 business days in the plant from final proof approval and the receipt of complete purchasing order.
NOTE: Orders received in the months of October, November and December may need additional time due to current production conditions.
If an artwork proof is sent, please allow time for return of proof.

We reserve the right to ship and bill 5% over or under the ordered amount on custom imprinted merchandise.

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